We are committed, for over two decades, to conserve and regenerate threatened ecosystems around the country. That is why we are excited to create new spaces for other key actors of the society, like the private company, to join our mission.

Since 2019, Fundación Jocotoco has built alliances with the private sector to do corporate volunteering activities in our reserves. We offer an array of programs in reforestation and environmental awareness that match your company's values. For more information please contact pamela.arias@jocotoco.org


Produbanco- Grupo Promerica celebrated International Volunteer Day reforesting more than 1000 native trees in our Ayampe, Yunguilla, and Yanacocha Reserves. The staff of the Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, and Manta offices participated in these three activities. Thanks to their commitment with the environmental conservation we can plant trees in protected areas with high ecological relevance. Additionally, the employees learned more about the importance of biodiversity conservation in Ecuador.


DHL volunteers visited our Yanacocha (Pichincha) and Yunguilla (Azuay) Reserves and planted 700 native trees. This reforestation activity was a corporate and family experience in which the employees participated and learned together with their children.

The native trees will support the natural enrichment of the reserves, providing refuge and food to hundreds of species. Furthermore, DHL committed to spread our conservation message handling seeds and pins of the emblematic species we protect to their clients.

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