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Save the Blue-Throated Hillstar from Extinction

Endangered Species

The Blue-throated Hillstar hummingbird (Oreotrochilus cyanolaemus) was discovered in April 2017 and described as a new species in September 2018. It is already critically endangered. The habitat for this new species is strictly limited to areas around a rocky outcrop called Cerro de Arcos in a remote mountain range in Southwestern Ecuador. There may be as few as 150 remaining individuals, so in order to prevent this unique bird from going extinct we need to act fast and decisively. The very limited Hillstar habitat is disappearing quickly, as it is converted into pine-tree plantations and pastureland. Please help us obtain enough funds to buy up the remaining patches of paramo shrubland and to restore the areas already affected.

We must save this jewel from imminet extinction. Let us make sure that human action means protection and not extinction. Donate now.

Project goal: $500,000

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