Galapagos Islands are part of an incomparable ecosystem! This program will allow you to enjoy beautiful beaches and landscapes, whilst collaborating directly in the conservation of the first Natural Heritage Site for Humanity.


Our alliances with the Galapagos National Park and University San Francisco allow you to participate in real projects that cause an impact on the area, including the following activities:

  • Species monitoring (sea lions, turtles, sharks, birds, etc.)
  • Technical assistance in scientific projects about biodiversity in the Islands.
  • Digitization of scientific records.
  • Control of invasive species.
  • Study of ecosystem services.
  • Maintenance, extension and adequacy of visiting sites.
  • Language classes to the park staff and/or community.
  • Maintenance of the forest nursery.
  • Support on the land tortoise captive breeding center.


Our objective is to support the development of the island and its inhabitants. Therefore, volunteers stay with host families in homes selected by their safety, comfort, and kindness. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to learn about their culture and habits.

Water is not drinkable, that is why is not recommendable for human intake. However, there will be flagons of water for your consumption.

You will also be provided of two home meals daily (breakfast and dinner). This is a great opportunity to try typical flavors of the area! We also have different menus according your dietarian preferences (vegetarian, vegan, celiac).


There are multiple activities that can be enjoyed in San Cristobal during your free time:

  • Tijeretas and Baquerizo Beach
  • Puerto Chino
  • Snorkeling
  • Surfing
  • Interpretation Centre
  • La Lobería Beach and more

You can also visit other islands!


Our reserve is located in San Cristobal Island. You need to take a flight from Quito or Guayaquil directly to this island's airport, which is less than 5 minutes from the city.

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